Strawbale Building Principals and Fundamentals

This course is for anyone interested in building with straw bales - a cheap, natural, healthy and low impact way of making your own structure, wall, or home. This is a practical building course and involves lots of hands-on workshops. 

What will the Building with straw bales course cover?

Learn how to build a straw bale structure. This intensive three-day course is designed to inspire you and give you the basic skills required for straw bale construction. The course covers building walls with straw bales and basic carpentry. You will also learn about the environmental and practical benefits of constructing buildings using straw bales.

  • How to build straw bale walls

  • How to work with straw bales, including shaping, cutting & tying

  • Learn about detailing for doors and windows, and how to construct roof structures.

The build can vary from walls, to garden structures such as benches, to post and beam shade structures & outbuildings using a straw bale infill method. All projects are constructed using as many recycled and reclaimed materials as possible.

This workshop is the perfect introduction in learning how to build a small structure with straw bales. Participants will learn how to build an accessory structure without a building permit by keeping the footprint under a certain square-footage. This is perfect for those wishing to add a shed, art studio, office, chicken coop, or any other small outbuilding. 

Learning methods and outcomes

This is an intensive practical and theoretical course; expect long days of hands-on work with short theory sessions, but also lots of fun. By the end of the course, participants will have an overview of straw bale building, know the basics of designing a straw bale building and have the practical skills to build a straw bale structure. Course participants who complete the entire course will receive a certificate, which will be sent via email after the course.

To sign up for this course please use our Online Store Page. If you have any questions or comments please reach out to us on our Contact Page – get in touch if you want to purchase a workshop as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas present.