Our Sustainable Practices & Projects

Here at the Beautanical Gardens we try our best to live as sustainable of a life as possible while still residing in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a city inhabited by a million + people. While we are still connected to the "grid" we do our best to reduce and minimize our reliance on that system. We practice sustainable building and growing practices whenever and wherever possible. Please browse our sustainable pages below for more information on how we live sustainably. 

Sustainable Building

Sustainable Gardening

Whether Cob, Adobe, Straw bale we are versed in many sustainable building techniques. We have built cob, adobe & straw bale structures & walls. We have created cob & adobe garden projects such as, cob pizza ovens, cob benches and shade structures and even cob & adobe outdoor shower areas. Best of all cob can be made pretty much from Southern Arizona's native soils with little additions. Meaning that cob can be a extremely affordable building material here in our Southern Arizona deserts.   

Our gardening practices employ many techniques.