Introduction to Adobe

Those of us who live in the southwest are typically very familiar with Adobe. Not the Software platform you use to view PDFs, but the mud bricks the natives to the area used to build dwellings out of.. The bricks are made from mud, clay, gravel/pebbles, and straw or grass and water. The processes for building adobe and cob are very similar, but nuanced and different at the same time. 


It is amazing the structures you can build from your land. If you have ever thought of a way to build a warm garden wall for your yard, or the foundation for your cob oven, or even the walls of your off grid home out of the dirt you stand on this is the course for you!!


This course is a two-three day course and is held over multiple weekends. The first day is on Saturdays and is a day of fundamentals, history and hands on adobe making. The second and third day are held the following week as the adobe needs to cure in the sun before becoming workable. The third day is sometimes necessary based off what he class decides to build. 


This course can requires digging, and stacking of blocks once dried. That is about the extent of the physical labor so this class is really for most ages.  

Adobe courses are typically held through the summer as the abode needs to cure in the hot summer sun. 


To sign up for this course please use our Online Store Page. If you have any questions or comments please reach out to us on our Contact Page – get in touch if you want to purchase a workshop as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas present.


We’ll take you through every stage of building adobe blocks and show you projects you too can create from the dirt beneath your feet. From design theory to completion, and at lunch time we’ll satisfy you taste buds with mouth watering pizza from our cob oven. Everyone can do it – you don’t need any previous building experience. We promise to show you just how easy it is to build your own adobe blocks that use can use to build a variety of things very affordably.

Again, to sign up for this course please use our Online Store Page or contact us at 520-278-8196 with any questions.