Garden/Landscape Design & Consultation

Beautanical Gardens offers garden designs & landscape layouts

We are certified in the design, layout, and even maintenance of every aspect of your yard. Now you can get a professionally designed and properly laid out garden. 

What is a professionally designed garden/landscape layout consist of?

A properly, professionally designed garden or landscape layout takes many things into consideration to get to the final look and layout of your garden. We utilize knowledge of plants, trees and shrubs that we companion plant together to be beneficial for each other. These plants and trees will be grouped by water maintenance, nutritional needs & maintenance requirements. We provide all garden plans (site layout, elevations, irrigation, grading), watering schedules and plant lists with care instructions broken down for each plant. This way not only will you have the power to have your garden built to your dreams, but you will have the knowledge to make it thrive. 

We know your garden needs to be more that just beautiful..

Your garden will be designed to suit the way you live, or have always dreamed of living. Whether you want to create a intimate seating area nestled in a urban fruit grove, xerascape garden, desert oasis's, fruit forests, or maybe a backyard playground surrounded by a tropical jungle, great layout and design is essential. Beautanical Gardens can guide you down that path. 

Sketches & Plans,

Will be presented to you to help you visualize the process. First in the form of rough sketches as we meet with you and develop what your dreamscape entails, properly laying out your outdoor space. We provide a design overview, including inspiration photo's and mood boards. All in an effort to reach the perfect zen space for you and your family to enjoy. Then, once a desired layout is achieved, the real work begins... 

We get technical

Now that we have a approved design we get to work producing all the technical drawings needed for a contractor(s) to build your dreams. For a agreed upon fee we can even manage the process from beginning to end so that you can sit back at ease and wait for your oasis to be born. 

We provide:

Site Layout Plan (A birds-eye view of your space showing whats to be planted and built)

Elevation Plan (Showing how certain sections of your yard will look as if you were standing there)

Building Plan (Showing framing/construction plans for any outbuildings or structures to be built)

Grading Plan (Showing where to remove or add soil to achieve the desired terrain grade)

Irrigation Plan (Showing where and how plumbing will be ran to every plant)

Electrical Plan (if adding power to any outbuildings)

Plant List (for the homeowner showing what is planted, and what care is needed for each plant)

Cost Breakdowns (A budget plan for the entire project, broken out into phases if needed for financial reasons)

Garden Design Cost

We are not shy about the costs involved from the start. Its better for us to be transparent so you know what to expect from the vary start. Of course design fees are determined by a number of factors, scope of work, size of yard, intricacy of plan, etc. But we start at $300 for up to a 1/8 acre plan. Anything after that is charged at $.08 per square foot for fully developed plans. Please do not let any upfront pricing concern you. If you have a small scale project please still reach out to us. We may be willing to assist out of a shear love of working with people to help them create a space they want to spend time in. So valuable in our opinion in this hot desert climate to get homeowners out and into their yards.