Gardening Services

Garden Sitting

Recently the people at Beautanical Gardens had to go out of town for a week for skill building courses. We had known that there were going to be low temperatures that would hover around, or below freezing. We recruited a couple volunteers who were not too eager to help, but obliged due to our circumstances. Needless to say, even with coaching on how/what to do we still came back to tremendous loss in our gardens. We shared our pain in local garden groups on social media and due to the amount of similar stories we decided that through our experiences we could try our best to provide a service to gardeners in our situation. 

No longer do you have to worry about your plants and gardens if you need to go out of town. No longer do you have to worry about who will water while you are away. No longer will you have to worry about someone covering your gardens if temperatures drop while you are sitting with your toes in the warm sand.  There is a group of experienced gardeners that have your back, providing you the ability to relax and enjoy your trip. 

We come with our own tools for weed removal. We provide frost coverage if you do not have any. We provide Mulch, Compost, Nitrogen, Fertilizers and any other beneficial nutrients if requested. We can also take on gardening tasks such as, planting your crops, harvesting your fruits and vegetables, constructing raised beds, berms, swales, rain water harvesting, cob ovens, strawbale walls , etc.. 

Our Garden Sitting service is a very affordable way to maintain your relaxation and escape while you are out of town. A stress free way to keep your mind out of your garden and on the beach where it belongs. The standard Gardening Sitting included dead heading, watering, weeding, minor pruning, and the covering of your plants encase of frost (usage of our frost coverage materials incurs a charge).

If you are headed out of town for anywhere from a day, to weeks and/or months you deserve the peace of mind that occurs when you give Beautanical Gardens the task of caring for your garden. Know that your garden and plants will be in the hands of people who share your passion for growing. 

Contact us today, to see how Beautanical Gardens can create the possibility of you, just being able to enjoy the moment of your trip, without having to worry about whats going on in your yard.