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Orchid Tree


  • Light green dual lobbed leaves strongly emarginated. 

  • Orchid like flowers 


  • 30'Hx30'W

PH Range:

  • 5.5-7.0


  • 9-11 cold tolerant down to 22 degrees


  • Foliage - Green

  • Flowers - Purple or White


  • Full to partial sun in low desert

  • Northern exposures are not suggested unless they receive full winter sun


  • Sensitive in mid 20's

  • Young trees need frost protection

  • suitable for containers or as bonsai if in large container


  • Grows vigorously without fertilization

  • Burns easily

  • Flood irrigate to remove salts from soil

  • Go "semi" dormant in summer, continue to water and they will bounce back in late July

  • Foliar feed with a fish emulsion ocassionaly

General Information:

Notable for their showy bloom clusters and two-lobed leaves, orchid trees produce sweet-smelling flowers in white and shades of pink, lavender, purple and magenta.


The tree tends to be attractive year-round as it begins blooming slightly before or after losing its leaves.

The Hong Kong orchid tree (Bauhinia) is evergreen and produces white and purple flower clusters. All species create debris from falling petals, and the deciduous trees drop leaves. Keep in mind that parts of some orchid tree species are poisonous.

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