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Manzano Banana - Apple Banana 


  • Apple flavor

  • Very Sweet Fruit

  • Fast Growing

  • Heat & Cold tolerant


  • 10-14 Feet

PH Range:

  • 5.8-6.2


  • 8-11


  • Foliage - Green with some red around leaf

General Information:

'Manzano' or "Apple Banana", is seedless diploid that is rendered so by bearing sterile female flowers. It is not produced commercially on large scale but it is usually grown in backyards for family consumption. Its sub-acid flavor is reminiscent of a cross between an apple and a very sweet banana, which make a pleasing combination. 'Manzano' must be allowed to ripen fully before eating. The plant is quite cold hardy and will not be harmed by temperatures that are close to freezing. If frost forms on its leaves they will turn brown. 'Manzano' banana tree will grow 12 to 14 feet tall and is mostly green colored with just a light margin of red around the leaf.


  • Partial Shade

  • Internet says full sun, but please do not give them full AZ sun

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