Cultural Information & Care Sheet

Jamaican Cherry - Muntingia calabura 


  • Partial especially in summer when young

  • Let it "grow into" full sun

  • Shade needed most on our days over 90°


  • Young plants are killed at 32°

  • Established trees can withstand 29°

  • Compost heavy to retain moisture, and protect from heat and cold.

  • No chill hours needed


25' - 30' tall

Growth Rate:

Very Fast in spring and fall

grows best between 60-90°

jamaican cherry.png
jamaican cherry.jpg

Container Grown:

  • Yes


5.6-8.5 acidic to slightly acidic.


  • Water frequently until established. Once to twice a week after that. 

  • Basin watering is recommended, filling the basin two-three times a week in summer months as it encourages deeper roots. 

  • Water very little in the dormant "cold" winter months, moderately in spring and fall & heavily in summer. 

  • Water in the winter just enough to keep the roots moist, Winter over-watering can kill the tree

  • Mulch heavily to help maintain moisture

  • NOT drought tolerant


  • Fertilize heavy with compost out to the edge of the tree drip line

  • Fertilize monthly with compost during the growing season

  • Plant on a mound to aid in drainage and the ability to flush salts from the soil 


  • Not necessary. 

  • Prune off old or dead branches as needed

  • To shape or reduce height to a harvest-able size. 

  • Never prune more than 20-30%. 

  • Pruning will reduce fruit production


  • Fruits in 1.5-2 years. 

  • Self fruitfull

  • Lifespan of 30 years

  • Can grow 13' tall in 24 months