Beaumont Guava


  • Sweet flavor, mildly acidic.

  • Heavy Producer

  • Easy grower

  • Self-fertile


  • 15'Hx10'W

PH Range:

  • 5-7


  • 9-11 cold tolerant down to 26 degrees


  • Foliage - dull green, leathery

  • Fruit - Pink to red inside


  • Afternoon summer shade

  • Internet says full sun, but please do not give them full AZ sun


  • Sensitive in mid 20's

  • Young trees need shade and frost protection

  • suitable for containers


  • Mature guavas can consume 1/2lb. of nitrogen a year. Apply fertilizers monthly.

  • Fertilizers that are a 5:1 Nitrogen to Phosphorous & Potassium (like fish emulsion)

  • High Phosphorous and Potassium can burn guavas. 

General Information:

A heavy-bearing tree that produces medium sized round, and pink fruit. The sweet fruit can be used canned, fresh, or as juice. Self-fertile.Developed on Oahu, Hawaii this Guava produces fruit prefect for juicing. The Beaumont Red is the #1 commercially grown cultivar in Hawaii. 

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