Cherimoya "Custard Apple"


  • Light frost tolerant

  • Bubble gum flavor

  • "The most delicious fruit known to men"

        ~Mark Twain

  • Hand Pollination


  • 15'Hx20'T

PH Range:

  • 6.5-7.6


  • 10


  • Foliage

          Dark Green Top

          Green Velvety bottom

  • Fruit - "heart" shaped conical green fruits


  • Afternoon summer shade

  • Young trees are very frost sensitive.

  • South facing, Close to a wall or structure


  • Sensitive in mid 30's

  • Young trees need shade and frost protection

  • suitable for containers

  • Considered Hard to grow here. Experienced Growers Recommended!


  • 0-45-0 NPK   (Pre-Planting)

  • 8-8-8 NPK every 3 months

  • increase amount each year till fruit set

  • mature trees require 4 ounces of actual nitrogen per inch of trunk diameter

  • loves organic amendments

  • yellow leaves may mean soil is dry, or the tree is cold, and is not an indication of nutrient needs necessarily 

General Information:

This is one of the harder to grow items we sell and is not really suited for our climate. We are carrying very few of these to see how they do in our local climate. While we never want to discourage someone from trying something we also like to see our customers be successful. Please contact us to see availability of these trees. 

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