Guamuchil - Pithecellobium dulce


  • Sweet flavor

  • Nitrogen fixing

  • Low water use

  • Medicinal properties

  • Very Fast growth

  • Called the "Candy" tree

  • Flowers a favorite of pollinators


  • 20-30'High     x 15'Wide

PH Range:

  • 5.5-7.5

  • Tolerates a wide range of soils.


  • 9-11 cold tolerant down to 30 degrees


  • Foliage - Green to yellow

  • Flower - White to Cream

  • Fruit/Seed Pod - (Shell) green to red when ripe.          (Fruit) white to red


  • Partial shade when very young

  • Partial shade to full sun when juvenile

  • Sun all day once mature. 

  • Heat tolerant


  • No chill required

  • Sensitive at 32 degrees

  • Young trees need shade.

  • Frost protection for first 3 years

  • Vigorous growth


  • DO NOT feed with fertilizers with nitrogen.

  • A citrus micro-nutrient solution might be used to improve the flavor of the seed pod pulp

General Information:

Guamuchil, also known as Monkey is a fast growing tree that can also be pruned into a bush. The more you prune these trees the thornier they become and create great livestock barriers. Fruits in the first 2-3 years and in that time should be 6-8' tall. This tree is also a nitrogen fixing plant which is very beneficial in our local area, and would be loved as a companion to many plants and trees, especially banana. 

Grows best in well drained soils, but will grow in soils rich in clay, rocky limestone, nutrient poor sands and areas with a very high water table. Once established this tree is drought tolerant and does not need a lot of water. 

The seed pods contain a sweet and sour pulp which is eaten as an accompaniment to various meat dishes and as a base for drinks with sugar and water. 

The tree has some medicinal qualities as well. In India the bark is used as an astringent, an antipyretic. In different parts of Mexico it is used to treat gum aliments, toothache, and cancer. The ground seed is sometimes traditionally used to treat ulcers. 

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Care Sheet:


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