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Lychee - Brewster


  • Flavor of passion fruit & grape

  • Reliable fruit growth

  • 74% flesh

  • Vigorous growth

  • Red fruit


  • 25'Hx15'W

PH Range:

  • 5.5-7.5


  • 9-11 cold tolerant down to 30 degrees


  • Foliage - Green to yellow

  • Fruit - Greenish yellow to yellow


  • Afternoon summer shade

  • Sun all day once mature. 


  • Needs 100-200 chill hours

  • Sensitive at 32 degrees

  • Young trees need shade and frost protection

  • Vigorous growth


  • Do not overfeed when young.

  • High acid fertilizer

  • Chelated Iron

  • Soil Sulfur

  • fertilizer regularly when mature through spring and late summer
  • Not salt tolerant to deep water regularly

General Information:

The Brewster variety of lychee is a "water type" so it can grow in lots of rainfall, so it will even tolerate clay laden soils. 


Soils can grow in soils topping out at around 7.5 PH, but do better towards the low end of their PH requirements. Fertilize with a fertilizer designed to lower PH here in Southern AZ. Mulch heavily with a good layer of organic mulch. 


The flesh is pale and translucent with a red skin, A texture like a grape with a large seed.


The flavor is nothing short of awesome, with grape flavor with notes of a sweet passion fruit.

Lychee contain high amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex (increases metabolism), & Phytonutrient flavanoids. Rich in a nutrient needed in the production of blood, providing manganese, magnesium, copper, iron & folates that are required for the formation of red blood cells. It is also a substantial source of fiber, which is known to suppress appetite and increase metabolism. Lychee has properties that protect against asthma. Great for cardiovascular health

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