Cultural Information & Care Sheet

Ice Cream Bean - Inga feuillei - Pacay


  • Partial to full shade all day

  • Shade needed most on our days over 95°

  • June-Aug shade after 8am. 


  • Young plants are killed at 32°

  • Established trees hardy to 25°

  • No chill hours required

  • Mulch heavy to retain moisture 


20'-30' tall & just as wide

Growth Rate:

Very Fast in spring and fall

growth slows over 100°

Ice Cream Bean fruit and flower.png


  • When our temps are hot this tree will want extra water. 

  • Deep water, filling the tree basin two-three times a week in summer months as it encourages deep roots. 

  • Water very little in the dormant "cold" winter months, moderately in spring and fall & heavily in summer. 

  • Mulch heavily to help maintain moisture


5.1-7.8 highly acidic to slightly alkaline.

Container Grown:

  • Yes



  • Use a 0-10-0 fish emulsion based fertilizer  every 30 days for potassium nutrition. Mix 2-2½ tsp of magnesium sulfate per gallon of water every month, under the tree drip line which will expedite its growth. Under lower light and cool temperatures, reduce the frequency. When active growth stops in winter, discontinue feeding.

  • When planting add worm castings, compost/manure, trace minerals like "Atomize", and a good mycorrhizae to start of the beneficial fungi and microbiology for your young tree. Make sure the soil drains well as banana's hate soggy feet. Mulch very heavily. A base of mulch 12"-18" deep is recommend. as is the addition of worms if your soil does not have them.  

  • This tree has a low salt tolerance-flush regularly! 



  • This tree can be pruned and shaped. Heavy pruning is acceptable after its 4th year in ground to maintain a desired canopy height..


  • Fruits in 3 years. 

  • Ideal for shading other crops

  • It is a nitrogen fixer so will do well as a nurse tree around other trees