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Dwarf Apple Banana


  • One of toughest Musa's

  • Likes a shadier spot

  • Wind tolerant

  • Heat & one of most cold  tolerant

  • Cook with leaves


  • 7-13 Feet

PH Range:

  • 5.8-6.2


  • 8-11


  • Foliage - Kelly Green

  • Fruit - Red

  • Stem - Red


  • Pups easy with high nitrogen

  • Tolerates high temps w/ shade protection

  • Drought resistent. Doesnt need as much water as Hawaiian variants 


  • Partial Shade

  • Internet says full sun, but please do not give them full AZ sun


  • 10-10-10 at lower elevs (Cali coast)

  • 20-20-20 at high elevations (Tucson)

General Information:

This is very similar to the larger 'Brazilian' but much shorter. Its sweet bananas are also smaller than that of the 'Brazilian'. It should be grown more widely as it has good wind resistance and very tasty fruit. Its smaller stature makes it more suited to small gardens, greenhouses and large containers. This banana-cultivar was imported from Brazil in 1979 and is a dwarf mutant form of 'Brazilian' known as "Santa Catarina Silver' or 'Santa Catarina Plata'. It fruits between 7.5 ft to 13 ft. It has a strong thick pseudo stem and a strong root system. Leaves are medium in length and will reach mature sizes of 1 meter. Leaves tend to be quite leathery and tough. It has shown good wind tolerance in storms up to 50mph. It has a tendency to hold its leaves tight with short petioles. The color ranges from Kelly green to a nice deep Forest green. It is cold tolerant, and resistant to all diseases. Fruit will ripen on the plant without splitting. The male flower is quite tasty when cooked and eaten in a salad.

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