Tucson Treehab

                                                            is a creation we came up with when we noticed an inflow of people requesting that we "save" or "rescue" their trees and plants. We recover these plants and trees from situations where they had outgrown their owners expectations, become a nuisance, become ill, needed extra care, or simply the owner no longer had space or wanted the item.


Tucson Treehab is a place where those types of pesky trees and ill plants can find a home. Much like a animal rescue. We will take those plants and trees, rehab them, treat any illness or disease and then, if given clean bills of health find a loving home, or keep them in our ever growing container orchard/garden, or in ground at their forever location. Community/School gardens will take precedence for re-homing of rehabbed trees & plants from Tucson Treehab. Anything that is not wanted by community and school gardens will be offered up to new forever homes with the public. These trees and plants will be listed on our Facebook Page.