Tucson Tropicals Opens!

While Tucson Tropicals will not be getting its shipments of tropical trees until late August, we have decided to open a bit early, to get rid of some propagated materials we are growing for nursery stock. 

Please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook for special hours of operation from now until our grand opening. 

We will be Tucson's only stop for many things. We focus on fruiting tropical and sub tropical varieties, but carry amazing trees that will be beautiful as a nurse tree for your young tropical trees. 

Everything we sell WILL grow in our Tucson climate. Some easier than others. Some deal with our low winter temps and high summer heat easily, some need more love. We look forward to discussing your wants, desires, and needs for your property. We will find the right tree for you! As always if we do not carry it we will source it for you, or point you to another local source.

Again, we would love to meet you, but remember that we have limited trees right now. Silk Floss, Figs, Orchid Trees, Moringa and a couple other things until we open around the 1st of September 2019. All baby trees, but all very fast growing species. Thank you for your support ~ Tucson Tropicals! :)

Cob Oven Pizza Courses

Sustainable Building Projects

At Beautanical gardens we teach courses in sustainability. We offer courses teaching practices and skills in the following areas. Water harvesting, permaculture landscaping design, sustainable building practices including cob, adobe, and stawbale building.


Learn how to make strawbale walls, cob pizza ovens, swales, water basins, grow towers and many other great projects featuring repurposed, reused and reimagined materials. Most classes are in the spring and fall because of our brutal summer heat.

Permaculture and Landscape Design

Gardening Projects

We love to plant things and often find ourselves planting things people say will not grow here. Our projects have included a repurposed pool into a pond, raised beds, aquaponics systems, various fruiting trees, bushes and tropical plants.


Our warm desert climate with its mild winters can be a perfect location to grow tropical plants. With minor covering through our mild winters we can grow things like papaya, mango, star fruit, dragon fruits and many others. Here at Beautanical gardens we love to grow things not commonly found in most gardens. Check back often to see what kind of things we have growing in our gardens. . 

Site Map

We recently decided it was time to make a site map of the gardens and property here at Beautanical Gardens. Feel free to view the PDF that lists plants, trees, flowers, bushes and anything else we have planted to grow here. A must do for any gardener is to create a planned, detailed map. 

Ladscape Design Available

Last Projects

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